HIPAA Policy and Procedures Table of Contents




1.      Use and Disclosures of Protected Healthcare Information General


2.      Uses and Disclosures of Protected Healthcare Information Restricted


3.      Business Associates


4.      Confidential Information of Deceased Patients


5.      Patient Personal Representatives


6.      Confidential Communications Methods


7.      Consent Use and Disclosure


8.      Use and Disclosure Permitted


9.      Process for De-identifying and Re-identifying Protected Healthcare Information


10.  Minimum Necessary Information


11.  Patient Notification of Privacy Policy


12.  Patient Right to Restrict Protected Healthcare Information


13.  Confidential Communications Patient Rights


14.  Patient Right to Access Personal Information


15.  Patient Right to Amend Personal Information


16.  Accounting of Disclosures


17.  Privacy Officer


18.  Employee Training


19.  Security of Medical Records


20.  Patient Complaints


21.  Employee Violations of Confidentiality


22.  Chain of Trust


23.  Protection of Electronic Data


24.  Access to Data


25.  Mitigation of Damage


26.  Access Logging


27.  Contingency Plan


28.  Consent to Film or Record


29.  Sale/Marketing of PHI


30.  Notice Obligations





         Authorization Form


         Sample Business Associate Contract


         Chain of Trust Agreement


         Confidentiality Statement


         Optional Consent Form


         Privacy Officer Job Description


         Restriction of Information Release Form


         Patient Privacy Notice



Training Handout and PowerPoint Presentation